Universal Jig



Universal jig with rack gear system to pull the car up and down.
Built in 13 different versions is possible to be put on all the benches in the body shop.
Crossbars with sliding blocks, lenght 1800mm.

Spanesi universal jig has been produced in 1990.

Designed from Mr. Orazio Spanesi itself and developed in the Spanesi body shop, the universal jig has
been studied in detail in order to repair all kind of damages.
Spanesi has been able to put together all the advantages from the different systems to make the job
easier for the user. He can in this way repair all kind of vehicle with the possibility to fix it and measure it at
the same time using always jigs.

To realize this project Spanesi looked also at the different problems that the body shop worker experiences
every day and it tried to solve them with its products.Many are the reasons that brought Spanesi to realize
a universal jig. For example avoid heavy weights, mount and demount heavy cross members, problems during
the positioning of the jigs, expensive rents and poor availability of jigs for new models.

Also less wasting of time and less efforts.Spanesi universal jig allows to repair all the vehicles in the market
included also the vehicles that will be produced in the future, commercial/ industrial vehicles and 4WD
vehicles of all mark and model using always the same kit of universal jigs.

There are 5 strong sliding cross members (mounted on the bench together with the bases and the ramps) which allow to quickly fixing the vehicle with clamps and jigs.
Many vehicles are without pinch weld (ex. BMW, Mercedes, Nissan and Renault) and need special clamps to fix them.

With the universal jig we have the possibility to fix any vehicle with 4 strong points on the frame without using clamps or additional support/device. In addition if the vehicle has regular pinch weld Spanesi always advises to fix jigs instead of clamps so that there are no signs of reparation on the vehicle.
The universal jig is very useful also for those vehicles with plastic covers, side skirts, spoilers where the user waste lots of time to demount these parts.

The rack gear system applied to the universal jig allows to pull the car up and down on the same jigs and the crossbars moving with the ratchet spanner that comes with the kit.
In addition if the spanner is inserted in the in the gear next to the cross member it’s possible to slide one or more cross members at the same time moving the vehicle back and forth depending on the needs.

The blocking of the cross members is made from the top and it’s enough to use one spanner to fix all the bolts.