Touch Bike



TOUCH BIKE, an electronic measuring system, allows to quickly carry out a diagnosis on a
damaged motorcycles and to certificate the correct reparation.

– Possibility to carry out the assembled motorcycles without removing parts and possibility to make a
diagnosis only on the chassis.

– Extreme rapidity without using lifts

– Quick positioning of the equipment

– Easy to use with the help of a useful software

– Availability of a database containing the main angles of chassis with the motorcycle completely disassembled or with the main data of chassis

– Possibility to create a personal database

– In addition, the TOUCH BIKE allows to measure all the assembled or disassembled mechanical parts, in order to certificate every single mechanical component

– Before and after repair certification printout easy to understand


  • Create: Spanesi
  • Target: Body Shop, Tyre Shop
  • Depliant: Touch
  • Date: 1996
  • Socials: