Layout and 3D



To study, to plan and to organise the bodyshop.

To be a consultant for the customer, it means to know how to create and how to plan the bodyshop.
For this reason Spanesi has created a technical office of planning, with the only purpose to realize
complete layout.
Thanks to our direct experience on the car reparation area, it’s easy to propose to our customers
solutions that bear in mind that our essentials requisites for a modern, efficient and productive structure,
with the respect for who is working:

  • The working schedule must be studied to move the car as less as we can;
  • The proposed equipment must render the structure efficient and competitive;
  • The proposed investment must to bear in mind of the requested productivity, on the respect of the
    customer’s economic ability;
  • The project and the equipment must consent to the customer a quick recovery of an investment;
  • The equipment and the proposed systems must to bear in mind to respect the regulations, the specific
    characteristics of the market and the respect of the environment;
  • The importance of the acceptance and the delivery of the vehicle, to create a specific and equipped area for the diagnosis and the certification of the damage, with the electronic system of measure TOUCH. The projects that Spanesi realizes are clear and comprehensible, thanks to the use of the last software technologies, which it allows to have the maximum visibility of the structure and of the equipment inserted.
  • Projects and offers clear and transparent, that allows the customer to understand what is really been offered, and what the customer should expect from us.


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