Frame Machine Pista

pista spanesi


Pista is supplied with pantograph lift mod SL 170: lifting capacity 5000 kg, lifting height 1550 mm.

It’s a multiple puling system and the pulling towers run all the way around the bench and can be
locked in any position and in any location with a pneumatic wrench. The position of the pulling
towers is not restricted.
Easy access to the lower parts of the bench. Pista has a 5 m bench, but takes up minimum space.

Superstar universal jig: conceived according to rational ergonomic criteria.

It is the only one in the world that allows upward thrusts and downward pulling and the crossbars moving
of the jig itself, thanks to a rack and pinion system.
The sliding movement on racks ensures fast and easy positioning of the heads and clamps on the
anchoring points.

Mc Pherson is a measuring device and it’s designed according to revolutionary criteria.
It’s equipped with doors to quickly position the devices and it allows to measure and check not only the usual points on the shock-absorber but also any point on the upper body.

Pista allows rapid repair of light, medium and of course severe damage, ensuring speed, precision and high quality workmanship, while eliminating operator labour. Pista is suitable to repair slight, medium and severe damage on all makes and models of past, current and future vehicles.


  • Create: Spanesi
  • Target: Body Shop
  • Depliant: Frame Machines
  • Date: 1991
  • Socials: