The new PONY BENCH BTPLUS is a practical car-lifting platform that folds down
completely to the level of the workshop floor.
So it doesn’t even takes up lots of space.

It’s a car lifter complete with pulling column and clamps, and it allows to do small
comfortable and quick reparations.

• The PONY BENCH BTPLUS allows to positioning or to fix the vehicle quickly
thanks to the automatic opening of the arms.

• The user is able to work with the maximum comfortable and accessibility to the
vehicle, because it has a raising of lifting of 1420 mm.

• It’s an excellent straightening bench for the quick reparations, without moving the vehicle during the different processing phases.

• Working with the PONY BENCH BTPLUS and with the electronic measurement system TOUCH, it becomes a very comfortable diagnosis, reparation and certification center.


  • Create: Spanesi
  • Target: Body Shop, Tyre Shop, Mechanical Workshop
  • Depliant: Lifts
  • Date: 1990
  • Socials: