Daytona System

daytona spanesi



Three rings with six pulling towers that may be placed in any position by simple thrust.
Three workbenches, each with a scissor lift mod. SL 170 with a height of 1550 mm and a lifting
capacity of 5 Tons. The two lateral 5-metres workbenches include: universal jigs, five 1800-mm
crossbeams, drive-on ramps, jig trolley, Mc Pherson and special clamps for MERCEDES, BMW

The middle workbench is 5 meters long, 1550 mm high and with a lifting capacity of 5000Kg.

It is also equipped with 16 supports that hold up the drive-on ramps.
Once the vehicle has been lifted, the clamps may be inserted in the supports with a simple
operation and the central platforms may be removed, leaving the car suspended by means of four platforms, with no waste of time and preventing cantilever load bearing situations.
The middle workbench is particularly suited for repairing cars that have had small or medium extent damages, with the possibility of carrying out heavy-duty pulling operations (vans, off-road vehicles, or cars with powerful engines, etc.).


The new DAYTONA PLUS system allows to totally store the bench in the pit. In this way everything is at ground level.

This new and unique system allows also to put any kind of vehicle on it (especially van, minivan and truck) without problems.

The extraordinary revolution of the system is the moving platform with a pneumatic system the pit around the bench is completely closed.

In this way the user could easily work near the vehicle with welding machines and other tools.
And if this work station is not used, it doesn’t take up a lot of room: it becomes instead a quick and comfortable lift for any kind of repairs.


  • Create: Spanesi
  • Target: Body Shop
  • Depliant: Frame Machines
  • Date: 1990
  • Socials: