Aluminum Bay in the Bodyshop

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Aluminum Bay


Aluminum Bay: a multi-purpose Preparation Area

A multi-purpose Aluminum Bay. This is the most important feature of Carrozzeria Billo, where different works on to vehicle are carried out.

Choosing and defining the bodyshop equipment, the works with aluminum (in particular panel beating and welding) have been isolated in order to have a close, but at the same time ventilated space in which to prepare the vehicle in the best way for the following reparation phases inside the spray booth.

Thanks to the wide available space, the aluminum bay can be split into two sections (separated by an electric curtain), each of which contains a specific frame machine.

Inside the first area there is the straightening bench Pista, which suits for the bigger damages; instead, the small frame machine Minibench, placed in the next zone, is suitable for smart reparations, sanding and other activities.

This structure is like the one of a real spray booth, complete with vacuum system and 4 rows of lights for a perfect brightness (very important using frame machine Pista and Minibench); in this way you get an extremely clean environment, without welding fumes, not only inside the preparation area but also all over the bodyshop.

Therefore all the operators will benefit to work in a healthy place.

For this reason it’s very important, when you choose the body shop equipment, to keep in consideration these features which will make the working environment efficient and productive.

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