Spray booth and its versatility

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Spray Booth


Spray booth and its versatility

A spray booth is versatile when it is able to adapt itself to specific operator needs, such as using the same structure both with large or small vehicles, always keeping an high efficiency and reducing all the consumptions as much as possible with no waste of power energy whatsoever.

The latest installation made by Spanesi, in Los Angeles(Chile), can be defined as a flexible system, considering that it allows to paint ordinary vehicles like cars as well as large vehicles (trucks, vans, bus).

This is possible thanks to a specific software and a roll-up door, which divides the spray booth in two sections that can work autonomously or simultaneously.

The spray booth technical details are:

  • Working size: 14x6x5,5
  • Metal basement
  • Automatic roll-up door to go in with windows
  • Electronic panel to check automatically the pressure
  • Integrated software which allows remote assistance
  • Two heat generators with extractors 11kW each
  • Middle rolling door
  • Side portal by 4 hinged doors with glazed windows


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