Industrial Vacuum: options and solutions

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Industrial Vacuum

Industrial Vacuum: options and solutions


Inside a bodyshop, dusts extraction is very important to have a healthy and clean working environment and to optimize all working phases. In this way the vehicle is repaired perfectly and quickly, guaranteeing  the full customer’s satisfaction.
Projecting or restyling the body shop equipment the importance of vacuum systems is often underestimated.

For this reason it is very important to study in advance the right dimensions of the vacuum system, defining its vacuum power, the relation between the pipe diameter and length and the number of users, keeping in consideration all possible solutions which can be chosen to work in the best way.

What are the right industrial vacuum equipment to choose?
Leaving out the preparation areas, we have to consider also all other areas of the body shop where panel beating, assembly and disassembly are carried out.

The vacuum systems can be divided into 3 categories:

Mobile systems

This is the perfect solution when a wall installation is not possible. The main advantages of these systems are the easy movement to the needed place and the low investment.

In-wall vacuum systems
This systems make available vacuum, electrical current and compressed air. They can be placed in a column, in a wall or in panels and are becoming very popular in the bodyshops thanks to their  completeness  and small dimensions.

Suction arms
Thanks to suction arms, the user has a fixed system which can serve a wide area. They can be fixed on existing columns of the building or can be delivered with own column. This solution is the most popular because of the space-saving and the high efficiency.

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