Industrial Paint Booth

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Industrial Paint Booth


One more time Spanesi confirms its tradition with a highly customized product, based on special needs requested by customers like the municipality of Santiago (Chile), which ordered an industrial paint booth to spray the subway.
A very complex system because of the needed spaces and the required high performances, which were satisfied thanks to state of the art components with low investments costs.


Lenght 40 mts; Width 6 mts; Height 5,5 mts; made up by galvanized double foiled panels, white colored (prevarnished) on both sides and a “sandwich” structure with inner insulation by means of 52 mm-thick glass wool. Front access by five door portal with glazed windows; rear exit insulated too rolling door.
Lighting through neon light fixtures arranged on six rows: two at the top, two in the middle and two at the botton.

The entire plant is managed by a very user friendly state of the art TOUCH SCREEN control panel:

  • to manage all working phases (painting, drying, fast drying, quick drying, rapid evaporation and cooling);
  • to identify every working phase thanks to different colours used on the screen;
  • to modify the working program during working phases;
  • to be warned in case of faulted situations;
  • to view real time every working phases cost.

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