The new generation of body shop workers needs a modern concept on how to repair



To become body shop workers today, means being in front of a repairing “panorama” completely different from 10, 20 or even 30 years ago.

But sometime it happens that, even today, in different schools or institutes are explained repairing processes with very old equipment especially for the straightening.

For this reason Spanesi is giving a particular attention to the schools, to the training centres and to the information towards the new generation of body shop workers, because today the body shops are newer and more technological and we have to be prepared for today and tomorrow.

Our fortune to be body shop workers with a competence and a direct knowledge on the repair process is recognized as unique and essential even from the SCHOOLS and the TRAINING CENTRES everywhere in the world.

WE LIKE TO THINK THAT MANY OF THE YOUNG PEOPLE WOULD LOVE TO BECOME BODY SHOP WORKERS, and for this reasons we love to convey to them the passion to do this job also with the use of modern and ergonomic equipment that help to obtain quality and efficiency during the repair process.

The Belgium institute and its students have had the occasion to visit and to know Spanesi in Italy with the will to learn new repair processes - way different from the old “stereotypes” – with modern and fast repairing processes.

We hope that the visit was useful and that it helps to convince them to do this job with the right equipment: you can work with less efforts and more quality.

You can even diagnose the wheels alignment! Which other system can do it if not the Spanesi Touch?